Finn’s first pair of booties, the story of BáinínBaby

The one thing I allowed myself buy when I was pregnant with my little boy Finn was the most special pair of white woollen booties from a beautiful little shop in Dingle, Co Kerry. I also bought a matching sheep. Having grown up in the Irish countryside I wanted my London baby to be surrounded by farm animals and connect with the soul of where I and naturally he comes from. 
When winter 2018 arrived, he was just about 6 months old. I took the booties that I had lovingly admired on his nursery windowsill for almost a year. He was finally ready to wear them. I wanted his little feet to be free so very rarely put him in shoes. I did want him to be warm though.  
Beyond the fact his booties were gorgeously warm, 100% natural, and super soft they were also totally beautiful. I lost track of the amount of times we were stopped in the street by parents – mostly Moms! – asking where I had gotten them. 
And so BáinínBaby was born. Baby booties, and a handful of other luxury items, made from 100% Irish wool, designed in Ireland and now available online and soon in select stores across South West London. 
Finn has grown out of his booties now, they’re well loved and worn and back on their spot on the windowsill, with his sheep – to be treasured forever. 
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